ASHANU is about stylish, comfortable clothing for the fashionista who would like to enhance her wardrobe from the comfort of her home. We carefully search for great items that we would choose for ourselves. So, go on, check out all our finds and fill up your cart.

ASHANU has been a labor of love, a love of clothing that has come alive in the form of an online boutique. When choosing a name, I wanted to incorporate the names of the loves of my life – my three daughters. So, ASHANU came about from the first three letters of each of their names. “Ash” is my oldest daughter, the quiet, studious teenager who loves to shop just as much as she loves to read. “Sha” is my creative, thoughtful middle-child fashionista who loves fashion and all things bling. “Anu” comes from my sweet baby girl who already has her own sense of style. They have enjoyed every step of this journey, cheering me on, giving input, helping select clothing and pitching in to take care of the details - it has truly been a family affair!

We believe that shopping should be easy and fun and our mission is to create a fun and friendly experience. We are so glad you stopped to visit, so, go ahead and get what you want. Once you enjoy the compliments, come back, and check out what else is new!

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